Winter may often bring:

Storm Damage Clean Up,
Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Ayles Tree Service, Inc., provides expert tree trimming and removal. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensures prompt efficient tree removal in even the most difficult of settings.

Michigan Winter storms can be brutal on trees. Breaking branches from the weight of snow or ice after a Michigan winter storm can be dangerous. Our tree service specialists provide emergency tree services to the Lansing, Michigan, Charlotte, Michigan, Okemos, Michigan and to the entire mid-Michigan area. When damaging storms hit mid-Michigan we work long hours and provide tree and branch removal services to municipalities, residences and commercial customers as quickly as possible. When many trees and branches have fallen due to heavy Michigan Winter storms we work around the clock. In exceptionally heavy storm periods we may not have the ability to come to your site to provide estimates. During heavy mid-Michigan storms our tree service crews clear roadways of fallen trees, remove fallen branches from homes and buildings and work to ensure safety and access is maintained. Once all emergency tree and branch removal services are completed we can get back to on-site visits for projects requiring estimates.

Our estimates are free.

How much does tree removal costs depends on the size, age, and condition of the tree and the type of tree removal equipment needed. Ayles professional tree removal service can remove all sizes of trees in virtually every setting throughout Lansing and the mid-Michigan area. Ayle’s professional tree removal specialists are skilled in planning your tree removal. All tree removal plans will consider how to maneuver equipment around buildings, fences, vehicles, houses, utilities and other infrastructure safely. Ayles Tree Service will get the job done right and clean up before we leave.

We work with Michigan municipalities and provide tree service for residential and commercial properties in the Mid-Michigan area.

We have 2 stump grinders available. A large grinder to remove your large stumps and a portable grinder that allows us to go through a 3 foot gate opening.

We have the equipment to meet your needs.