Tree Stump Removal Requires Time, Effort and Can be Costly

photo of tree stumpTree stumps rank right near or at the top of the unsightly and potentially dangerous yard ornaments.

Not a believer?

Consult your big toe next time you stub it on an old tree stump camouflaged by grass or weeds and other plants in your yard.

Still not a believer?

Consult your eyes when weeds or other plants begin growing on that aging tree stump.

After going through the trouble of removing a tree on your own or hiring a tree service to remove it for you, why stop there? Don’t stop there, remove the stump!

Tree stump removal from a yard takes time, effort and can be costly. These are important considerations when mulling over whether to tackle removing the stump yourself or hiring a professional tree service.

Tree Stump Removal Considerations: 

  1. Looking for a quick resolution
  2. Stump to big to dig out, burn or use chemicals on, and
  3. Professional tree service companies are insured.

There’s a good chance doing it yourself will require buying or renting tools. Therefore, the  time, cost and effort to get the job done, may ultimately convince one to hire a professional to do it instead.

With over 50 years of experience when it comes to removal needs and stump grinding,  Ayles Tree Service, Inc. is fully equipped to remove that eye sore and potentially dangerous yard ornament from your yard in a quick, professional manner.

Hiring a Tree Service Professional? What to Look For:

  1. Work guarantee
  2. Accreditation and contractor’s license
  3. Fills stump hole with soil at little or no cost
  4. Removes wood pieces and clears area when finished

Self-Removal Tree Stump Methods:

  1. Chemicals most commonly used method
  2. Burning stump is an option if tight on money and time is not an issue.
  3. Renting a stump grinder large, intimidating and expensive
  4. Digging out faster, but more labor intensive.

Self-Removal Tree Stump Problems:

  1. Chance of other trees/materials catching fire stump is burnt.
  2. Possible fire when not around (fires in stump aren’t visible).
  3. May need to obtain a fire permit to burn stump.
  4. Creation of immovable charcoal material where stump used to be caused by burning it incorrectly.
  5. Time, effort and cost.

If your not interested in an intensive, laborious Saturday afternoon project, hiring a professional is the answer.  The extra money it may cost is balanced by the time and effort saved trying to do it yourself.

Ayles Tree Service, Inc., 4079 East Gresham Highway, Potterville provides expert tree and stump removal through its experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, ensuring prompt efficient tree and stump removal in even the most difficult of settings. Ayles  can be contacted at 517-484-8318 or 517-645-2625.