Just another stormy day in Mid-Michigan… ‘Tell me, what’s the average cost to remove a tree?’

storm-damaged-tree-average-cost-to-remove-a-treeThe days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and mid-Michigan has already experienced storms causing power outages, down power lines and down trees. It’s only September storm clean up have begun and tree removal service companies in Mid-Michigan have started getting inquiries on what the average cost to remove a tree is.

As you will see by the picture, this family home in Charlotte, Michigan was fortunate to only lose large limbs from some of the many large hardwood trees in the yard. When the limbs split they carried a few of the power lines with them on their way down. The family evacuated to safety avoiding the danger of the down power lines caused by the falling tress and branches. The morning after brought caution tape, a couple of power company crews and a few phone calls inquiring on the average cost to remove a tree!

Some of us were fortunate to keep our power and trees intact this time but a quick drive around Calhoun County, Battle Creek, Marshall and Eaton County, Mason, Eaton Rapids, Springport and Charlotte, MI in particular the fall out from the previous nights storm was evident. Research ahead of time and learning the average cost to remove a tree is important following damaging storms. Companies from out of state, known as storm followers will move into a community that has experienced a large amount of down trees from seasonal storms. These companies can often have unscrupulous practices and sooner than not they disappear to another hard hit community and there is no warranty, clean up or ability to respond to them once your check has cleared.

As with most services there is not flat fee that can be given as an average cost for removal of trees. The average cost to remove a tree ranges deepening on a variety of factors.

Consideration in determining average cost to remove a tree:

  • size of the tree
  • ease of access for removal of trees
  • proximity of power lines or other utilities
  • hiring experienced, professional tree removal services (bonded and insured)
    what tree removal equipment is required
  • will entire tree be removed, just large branches, or trunk and stump also

Today, it’s a beautiful, sunny, nearly Autumn day with cerulean blue skies with just enough cumulus clouds to make it picture perfect. The light breeze holds just a hint of crispness and the reality of fall storms and winter blizzards come to mind and fritter quickly away. We’ve barely completed the storm clean up and tree clearing needed from last year’s horrendous storms and another Michigan fall and winter loom ahead.

Once you are ready to tackle those dreaded winterizing tasks all Michigan home owners must attend to take a look around your yard. Do you have dead or dying trees that may interfere with power lines during seasonal storms? Now is the time to address those eye sores and dangerous large limbed, once majestic trees on your property. Finish up tree clearing projects before the weather limits access or professional tree services are busy cleaning up after harmful storms.