Make a Clean Break from Tree/Storm Damage in 2015

snowy tree storm damage in Michigan

Damaged tree collapsed in Michigan winter storm

Happy New Year! So far, so good for 2015—we’re not yet seeing significant tree/storm damage. Does that mean that mid-Michigan has managed to avoid the kind of tree and storm damage we experienced last winter. Possibly! But we are urging our customers today to make a clean break from tree storm damage, first by finishing up any of those lingering tree projects, and secondly by being proactive about any upcoming issues—especially given that we’re not “out of the woods” yet for this winter.

Tree/Storm Damage 2014

The current (fairly) mild mid-Michigan winter doesn’t mean Ayles was in any way lacking for work in 2014. Much of our year was spent cleaning up tree storm damage caused by the rough winter of 2013-2014. We saw many new and veteran customers in need of help with the fallout from the historic ice storm that hit the area. We were busy throughout the year as homeowners and  businesses needed our help in repairing the storm damage caused by falling trees and branches.

Therefore, we do want to take a moment to sincerely thank our customers for a great year, and for trusting us to help you out with tree/storm damage. Ingham County, Eaton County and Clinton County properties all gave us a significant role in protecting their investments, and we appreciate that partnership role. Thank you for your patronage!

In addition, we do want to invite any residents out there who are still dealing with the issues from the 2013-14 winter to contact us! We know sometimes it takes a while to see the results of damage, so it’s not out of the ordinary for us to still be working on tree/storm damage issues from the heavy ice that damaged so many trees and homes. We’re able to get rid of some of those larger pieces of tree debris and trim up some of those precariously hanging branches. Don’t let last year’s storm damage your house this year!

Not Just Repair; Prevent Tree/Storm Damage Today!

Of course, we’d much rather prevent tree/storm damage from happening at all, right? We’re not through winter just yet, and the recent front of cold air may cause heavier snow to ice up. Before you know it, you may have a mini-tree storm of your own as weak branches pelt your house. Protect your investment by getting rid of those dangerous or precarious branches today perhaps link to examples. Here at Ayles Tree Service, we much prefer to prevent any problems in the first place, so call us for a quote on your tree trimming today.

Looking Forward to 2015

If you’ve got a tree trim project on your mind, please don’t wait until summer! Ayles is available all year round to help you get your property in shape and protect your business and home. We’re not only equipped to work in the winter and spring, we’re willing and able, too!

As we look forward to 2015, we hope Lansing continues to avoid the harsh conditions we saw before. However, should mother nature bless us with any last remnants of winter, be sure that Ayles is here and ready to help you both prevent and repair tree/storm damage.

Again, we wish you the best in 2015!