Michigan Tree Service Debate: Is Winter the Best Season for Tree Pruning?

Is Winter the Best Season for Tree Pruning?  Winter tree branchesTaking care of your trees during Michigan winters can be a daunting prospect. You know that pruning your trees is not only healthy and helps them to ward off little pests, but that it also helps them to flourish. At the same time, pruning helps you to find and fend off any potentially problematic branches that could be a detriment to your property.

But is winter really the best time? There seems to be a bit of confusion on the topic, and perhaps even some debate. So, let’s look at the different aspects of tree pruning during Michigan winters. Ready? Debate!

Yes, Winter is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

There are several advantages to trimming while your trees are dormant. For example, it may help the plants to flourish at a time when their energy reserves are low. Pruning means that extra energy doesn’t need to go to the weakest points of the tree. This could mean a very healthy growth push come spring, and there’s definitely some advantage to that.

In addition to this, pruning in the winter may be easier on the owner and/or tree technician, because the view of the branches is much clearer without the foliage. This may ensure a good-quality pruning takes place. This additional clarity during the job may help with some of the safety aspects of pruning in the winter, too. It’s a bit more difficult to work with the snow, ice and wind, but a good, clear view means that the job is that much easier.

Pruning in the winter also gives the tree time to heal during the healthy spring growing season, whereas pruning in fall means less vigorous healing time for your plant.

Lastly, pruning in winter can mean less attacks by pests that carry disease, as such vermin aren’t as active in the winter season. Some varieties of critters are attracted to the fresh smell of a trimmed tree, and so avoiding the months when they are active helps your tree to avoid any problems.

No, Winter is Not the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

There are a few kinds of trees that should not be pruned in the winter, because they will then tend to produce a sap that can make a mess of your decks, patio or even your car. Pruning these kinds of trees is not best in the winter; you’ll need to wait for the summer months.

In addition, summer pruning works better for slowing the growth of a tree on purpose, since it also gets rid of the leaves that intake the plant’s fuel.

Lastly, some property owners prefer to trim in warmers months out of a sheer safety aspect. However, it should be noted that trained professional tree technicians like ours are accustomed to working in all weather, and take all pertinent safety precautions.

Conclusion: Winter and Tree Pruning

So, is winter the best season for tree pruning? Because of all the variables that go into tree trim work, there is no one clear answer contacting a professional for a bit of advice is your best bet. You can call Ayles Tree Service, or email us to set up an appointment with a free estimate. We can decide the best course of action for your particular situation based on kind of tree, its health status and the amount of pruning needed.

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