Lot and Land Clearing in Mid-Michigan: Preparing Sites for Construction

lot and land clearing mid-michigan ayles bulldozer

If you’re thinking about building on your site or plot of land there are a variety of things you’ll want to keep in mind. Lot and land clearing in Mid-Michigan often requires extensive equipment (and the know-how to use it!) to get it prepped for construction stage. There’s a process you’ll want to go through step-by-step in order to ensure your site is entirely prepped to build, as well as all trees and plants will remain in good condition.

The Site Clearing Agenda

Before you can begin the building process you’ll need to ensure the site is thoroughly prepped. Below we dive into common lot and land clearing processes that will help prep your land for the next step in the construction process.

1. Land Assessment

The first step is assessing the land. This is where all trees, shrubs, and land formations are documented in accordance to your construction plan. Since site clearing is the foundational step in the building process this is something you’ll want to get right so there are no problems r misunderstandings.

2. Common Clearing Methods

The site clearing methods used will depend upon your land, and the natural features you want to maintain. That being said some of the most common tasks are as follows:

  • Clearing the site of all vegetation, trees, rocks, and other formations
  • Leveling the site
  • Grading the site
  • Staking the structure zones
  • Digging for foundation placement
  • Implementing measures for erosion control
  • Drilling for wells and other systems

The exact methods and tasks used will depend upon the state of the land and the goals for your project. If there are trees or other natural elements you want to keep it is very important to note this prior to hiring a company for your lot and land clearing in mid-Michigan

3. Types Of Equipment

There are several types of equipment that will be used to clear your lot. This can range from simple hand clearing tools, all the way up to bulldozers to flatten the land. The equipment employed for the job will depend on how much land you need cleared, and the vegetation you currently have present.

Luckily, we have the tools and equipment on hand to handle any type of clearing job.

4. Minimizing Tree Stress

One common request is landowners looking to preserve certain trees on their property. We employ a method that minimizes tree stress, by marking out a perimeter that surrounds the root zone.

This will ensure none of your trees become damaged throughout the construction, or remainder of the clearing process.

Common Costs In Site Preparation

The overall costs of site clearing are once again, dependent on the size of your lot, and the overall intensiveness of the process. But, on a rough estimate, costs usually range from $3 to $6 per square foot.

If you’re interested in a price estimate, give us a call at 517-484-8318, and we’ll come check out your lot.

Choosing The Right Company For The Job

In the Michigan area there are trees everywhere you look. This means when you’re starting the construction process you’ll probably have at least a few trees on your property that you’ll need to either remove, or ensure their health remains intact throughout the building process.

If you have a property that is heavily vegetated, or has areas you want to keep intact, then call us to set up an appointment at 517-484-8318.

Common means to find the perfect company for lot and land clearing in mid-Michigan include: getting referrals from friends or loved ones, checking out the company’s experience via their website or the Better Business Bureau, and making sure they’re properly licensed and insured.

Let Ayles Tree Service help clear your lot or land, so you can keep your Lansing area construction project moving forward to completion.