Successful Tree Recovery For Homeowners: Care Of Trees After A Storm

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Recently the mid-Michigan area, especially Ionia, Grand Ledge, Portland, Michigan suffered a devastating storm that damaging long standing buildings and many mature and newly planted trees. Even if your home is located in Okemos, East Lansing or Charlotte, Michigan and you did not have a tornado all of the lower Michigan area has experienced high level winds and storms this season.

 After a strong summer storm there’s a high likelihood some of your trees might have become damaged. If any of the trees on your property have undergone significant damage you’ll want to evaluate your course of action for taking care of trees after a storm.

Some property owners simply leave their damaged trees up after the storm, or clear cut their damaged trees. However, it’s very important you consult a local tree service to have your trees inspected after a storm, as there are numerous treatment options available.

Below you’ll find three of the most common tree-care procedures to follow after a big storm.

1. Save The Tree

More often than not a tree will tend to look worse than it actually is following a large storm. Trees are very resilient and can usually recover from storm damage, especially if they’re a local tree species that are used to weather variations.

If the tree has only sustained minor damage, such as, sustaining a low level of broken branches, the tree can usually be saved.

If the tree is a more mature tree that has suffered the loss of a major branch, the tree can be saved as long as the branch doesn’t affect the overall structural integrity of the tree.

Lastly, younger trees are very resilient and can recover fairly quickly because they’re in a very high growth phase of their life cycle. By removing the damaged and broken branches, you’ll be giving the tree the chance for a speedy recovery.

2. Give The Tree A Grace Period

Sometimes the best course of action can be to wait and see what happens to the tree. Trees that have sustained significant damage and look like they’re on the way out can actually still recover if given the proper time and treatment.

Make sure you don’t cut too many branches off the damaged tree, as they’ll need their foliage in order to gain energy to heal.

It’s important to consult with a professional during this stage,. A tree service professional will be able to prune the correct number of limbs to increase the chances of a speedy recovery.

3. Cut The Tree, And Move On

On occasion you’ll have a tree, or series of trees, that simply aren’t worth saving. If the tree has already been hit with a bought of disease, or has been previously weakened the best course of action could be to simply cut your losses.

If the trunk has split, or the crown of the tree has been removed, then this tree won’t have the ability to recover. Once a large portion of the tree has been lost, the tree won’t have the necessary foliage or support to survive the next growing season, or even survive another large storm.

Trees that have toppled have little chance of survival and need to be disposed of in an effective manner. Ayles tree service can come in a clear your land of the downed tress. Tree trunks and branches can be cut and either left for the homeowner to use in wood burners or bonfires. If the homeowner prefers Ayle’s Tree Service will put all branches and wood into a wood shredder as they are completing the tree clean up from the storm. Successfully taking care of trees after a big storm is a large task, in order to do it effectively you must work with a seasoned tree service professional. Once a storm damaged and fallen tree has been cleaned and removed from your property Ayles can also assist Michigan homeowners with stump grinding or stump removal.

Work With A Professional with Care of Trees after a Storm

Damaged trees can pose significant danger to your property and those who reside there. Immediately following a large storm it’s important to consult with a professional to determine if any trees are a potentially hazardous.

For example, fallen trees and limbs can pose a threat to utility wires, and walking areas. If any trees have fallen into dangerous areas it’s important to have them removed as soon as possible, so they don’t create any further damage.

After storm recovery can be an arduous task and you’ll want to have the help of a qualified arborist to determine the health of your trees and best plan of attack for the continued safety of your property.

Let Ayle’s Tree Service assist you with a speedy recovery and care of trees after a storm, give our team a call at 517-484-8381.

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