Just another stormy day in Mid-Michigan… ‘Tell me, what’s the average cost to remove a tree?’

storm-damaged-tree-average-cost-to-remove-a-treeThe days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and mid-Michigan has already experienced storms causing power outages, down power lines and down trees. It’s only September storm clean up have begun and tree removal service companies in Mid-Michigan have started getting inquiries on what the average cost to remove a tree is.

As you will see by the picture, this family home in Charlotte, Michigan was fortunate to only lose large limbs from some of the many large hardwood trees in the yard. When the limbs split they carried a few of the power lines with them on their way down. The family evacuated to safety avoiding the danger of the down power lines caused by the falling tress and branches. The morning after brought caution tape, a couple of power company crews and a few phone calls inquiring on the average cost to remove a tree!

Some of us were fortunate to keep our power and trees intact this time but a quick drive around Calhoun County, Battle Creek, Marshall and Eaton County, Mason, Eaton Rapids, Springport and Charlotte, MI in particular the fall out from the previous nights storm was evident. Research ahead of time and learning the average cost to remove a tree is important following damaging storms. Companies from out of state, known as storm followers will move into a community that has experienced a large amount of down trees from seasonal storms. These companies can often have unscrupulous practices and sooner than not they disappear to another hard hit community and there is no warranty, clean up or ability to respond to them once your check has cleared.

As with most services there is not flat fee that can be given as an average cost for removal of trees. The average cost to remove a tree ranges deepening on a variety of factors.

Consideration in determining average cost to remove a tree:

  • size of the tree
  • ease of access for removal of trees
  • proximity of power lines or other utilities
  • hiring experienced, professional tree removal services (bonded and insured)
    what tree removal equipment is required
  • will entire tree be removed, just large branches, or trunk and stump also

Today, it’s a beautiful, sunny, nearly Autumn day with cerulean blue skies with just enough cumulus clouds to make it picture perfect. The light breeze holds just a hint of crispness and the reality of fall storms and winter blizzards come to mind and fritter quickly away. We’ve barely completed the storm clean up and tree clearing needed from last year’s horrendous storms and another Michigan fall and winter loom ahead.

Once you are ready to tackle those dreaded winterizing tasks all Michigan home owners must attend to take a look around your yard. Do you have dead or dying trees that may interfere with power lines during seasonal storms? Now is the time to address those eye sores and dangerous large limbed, once majestic trees on your property. Finish up tree clearing projects before the weather limits access or professional tree services are busy cleaning up after harmful storms.

Is there anything sadder than a dead tree in the yard?

dead tree in yard mid-michiganSomething that was once so beautiful and full of life, color and sound, now dry and flaking. How sad it will no longer produce fruit and shade or serve as a hanger for a tire swing or birds nest. It seems as if the tree has lost its’ dignity. Once a majestic towering hardwood or soft, draping willow its’ spirit has faded and its’ body is crumbling. It is ominous when you pull up to a house and the first thing you see is a dead tree. As a lover of nature and design I also appreciate the practice of feng shui. A dead tree in the yard does the opposite of represent prosperity! The associated meaning of a dead tree in the yard is a symbol of loss, adversity and being stuck in the past. A feng shui cure is to get rid of the dead tree and view it as a chance for new life and plan going forward.

Next Step: How do I  get rid of the dead tree in my yard?

Depending on the size and placement of trees it can be a pretty tricky task to take down that dead tree. A professional tree service can go to your house and preview the tree and site. The cost to remove a dead tree from your yard is dependent on the type of tree removal equipment needed and the time required to remove the dead tree safely.

Large trees and branches that overhang utility wires are the biggest consideration when removing dead trees. Because dead trees are dry and brittle, large limbs can crack without warning. If a large tree limb crashes on to a live wire – run while calling 911. In areas where structures and homes are close to a dead tree or broken limbs caution must be taken to avoid having a tree fall on a roof or have broken windows from fallen branches.

Many Eaton County, Ingham County and Clinton County residents in Mid-Michigan experienced a hard grueling winter of ice storms and polar vortex winds and temperatures. Sadly our trees paid for this frigid weather. Ayles Tree Service is still servicing customers who have dead trees in the yard, large branches and tree lines of downed trees that couldn’t survive the harsh winter of 2014.

If you have a dead tree in the yard be careful of falling branches and debris. Even large chunks of bark falling from the tree can be harmful to a person or an animal. A home owner is solely responsible for the maintenance of their property and that includes landscaping. If a dead tree branch falls on a car or a person the home owner is liable for damages. Michigan home insurance coverage of these types of accidents vary by each company. Review your home owners insurance policy or better yet, just get the dead tree cut down and keep your yard safe.

Summer is the best time to have an experienced tree service in Mid-Michigan give you an estimate for tree removal and schedule a time to cut trees down or clear out dead trees. Before winter hits again, or even one of those crackling, booming summer storms, give Ayle’s Tree Service a call. Our tree service expert is happy to come to your home and review the site and the trees that need removed. We’ll provide a fair tree removal estimate for your mid-Michigan home.

Who are the Tree Service Crews that Perform Power Line Clearing Services in Mid-Michigan?

trees spray painted for line clearing by Consumers EnergyMany mid-Michigan residents have seen tree service crews in their area busily performing line-clearing work all year. After the harsh Michigan winter storms many municipalities and rural homeowners have seen crews coming in to trim fallen limbs and remove entire trees. In Ayles service area, Board of Water and Light and Consumers Energy are the two main utility companies that provide gas and electric services to property owners in and around Ionia, Clinton, Barry, Calhoun, Eaton, Ingham, Jackson, Livingston and Shiawassee Counties where Ayles’s services. Board of Water and light services buildings and homes in Lansing. Consumers Energy serves nearly 1.8 million customers in 61 of the 68 counties in Michigan.

Regular Line Clearing

All utilities are required by the state of Michigan to provide regular line clearing work. Because trees are involved in 1/3 of every power outage in Michigan, Consumers Energy provides line clearing on a regular, rotating line clearing schedule. Line clearing is necessary to maintain safe and reliable service to every utility customer. Consumers Energy determines what trees require attention and the property owner is alerted.

Each property owner who has trees that are effected by the line clearing work will be notified. Trees that are deemed a problem will be marked with spray paint so that when tree service crews arrive crew will know whether the tree needs pruning, removal or herbicide applied. This is the best way property owners can know which of their trees are effected by the line clearing services. Property owners can also call the phone number on the notice to get a clearer understanding of what is planned for their property. There are minimum clearance guidelines associated but voltage and electric line type that determines how far away a branch or tree need to be to achieve the line clearing needed. Consumers Energy has posted clearance necessary to reduce tree-related outages here.

Can anyone provide tree services including line clearing services?

The utility companies do not always have enough staff or equipment to keep up on line clearing each year and often contract with local professional tree services in the mid-Michigan area. Ayle’s tree service works closely with many municipalities, utility companies, and private homeowners to keep power lines, people and properties safe. Ayle’s professional tree service crews implement the line clearing service guidelines of the Tree Care Industry Association, the guidelines followed by Consumers Energy and most other line clearing crews.

Line clearing of debris, branches, dead or shallow rooted trees without a tree service professional can be very dangerous. Although in Lansing, Michigan and most mid-Michigan cities, counties and townships there are no permit requirements or special regulations regarding tree removal on private property it is critical to implement responsible safety practices.*

  • Always remember electric lines are not insulated and should never be touched.
  • Keep ladders off of power lines
  • stay clear of power line if you remove any branches or trees

The utility service covers the cost of line clearing services that they determine is important to maintain the safe delivery of electrical service to their customers. Some commercial business owners, local municipalities and home owners prefer to hire a trusted local company they have already used for all their tree and line clearing service needs. However a property owner is solely responsible for paying for tree removal services that the property owner contracts on their own. Some of the benefits of hiring a tree service of your choice for line clearing is that you can specify if you want the line clearing service to include:

  • stump removal
  • brush removal
  • debris removal
  • chipping of all wood

Most utilities, including Consumer’s Energy do not remove stumps, cut wood, wood chips or other debris remaining on the property when the line clearing is complete. In some cities there are debris ordinances that carry fines up to $500 for the homeowner if the area is not cleaned up in a timely fashion.

When you need line clearing or a professional tree service for other tree related maintenance contact Ayle’s Tree Service. We are licensed and insured and provide tree pruning, brush clearing, tree removal and stump grinding.

*Ash trees infected with the emerald ash borer disease should be removed and disposed of at specific disposal sites.

Tree Stump Removal Requires Time, Effort and Can be Costly

photo of tree stumpTree stumps rank right near or at the top of the unsightly and potentially dangerous yard ornaments.

Not a believer?

Consult your big toe next time you stub it on an old tree stump camouflaged by grass or weeds and other plants in your yard.

Still not a believer?

Consult your eyes when weeds or other plants begin growing on that aging tree stump.

After going through the trouble of removing a tree on your own or hiring a tree service to remove it for you, why stop there? Don’t stop there, remove the stump!

Tree stump removal from a yard takes time, effort and can be costly. These are important considerations when mulling over whether to tackle removing the stump yourself or hiring a professional tree service.

Tree Stump Removal Considerations: 

  1. Looking for a quick resolution
  2. Stump to big to dig out, burn or use chemicals on, and
  3. Professional tree service companies are insured.

There’s a good chance doing it yourself will require buying or renting tools. Therefore, the  time, cost and effort to get the job done, may ultimately convince one to hire a professional to do it instead.

With over 50 years of experience when it comes to removal needs and stump grinding,  Ayles Tree Service, Inc. is fully equipped to remove that eye sore and potentially dangerous yard ornament from your yard in a quick, professional manner.

Hiring a Tree Service Professional? What to Look For:

  1. Work guarantee
  2. Accreditation and contractor’s license
  3. Fills stump hole with soil at little or no cost
  4. Removes wood pieces and clears area when finished

Self-Removal Tree Stump Methods:

  1. Chemicals most commonly used method
  2. Burning stump is an option if tight on money and time is not an issue.
  3. Renting a stump grinder large, intimidating and expensive
  4. Digging out faster, but more labor intensive.

Self-Removal Tree Stump Problems:

  1. Chance of other trees/materials catching fire stump is burnt.
  2. Possible fire when not around (fires in stump aren’t visible).
  3. May need to obtain a fire permit to burn stump.
  4. Creation of immovable charcoal material where stump used to be caused by burning it incorrectly.
  5. Time, effort and cost.

If your not interested in an intensive, laborious Saturday afternoon project, hiring a professional is the answer.  The extra money it may cost is balanced by the time and effort saved trying to do it yourself.

Ayles Tree Service, Inc., 4079 East Gresham Highway, Potterville provides expert tree and stump removal through its experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Therefore, ensuring prompt efficient tree and stump removal in even the most difficult of settings. Ayles  can be contacted at 517-484-8318 or 517-645-2625.






Downed Trees and Branches Excellent for Chippers and Wood Shredders

chipping-and-wood-mulching-YieldThe Eaton County/Lansing areas were on the receiving end of one of the harshest winters in many decades. It is one that will get tucked away in the record books and therefore not soon be forgotten.

Its aftermath to be uncovered this spring will include downed branches, broken limbs, and injured trees.  As winter prepares to exit stage left and spring finally makes its appearance, now is the time to access damages and schedule a cleanup.

However, while on the surface the work left by the harsh winter will appear to be simple, often times it is not.

That can be the case with tree removal and tree trimming. The euphoria which comes with spring clean-up often has people tackling these jobs in the warmer weather as if they are do-it-yourself tasks.

The truth is there are many risks involved in trimming and removing trees, and the use of chippers and wood shredder for tree branches and limbs, these tasks often require a professional tree service.

Limbs, Branches and  Trees are Down…anybody have a Wood Shredder?

Once the limbs or branches are down, instead of paying to have them hauled away, you may choose to pay a tree service to run them through a wood shedder or rent a wood shredder and run them through yourself. The chips are excellent mulching material for under your trees and shrubs and in your flower beds. The chips created when grinding down a tree stump can also be used for mulching.

If the limbs, branches and trunks are too big for a do-it-yourself project a homeowner may call a  professional tree service like Ayles Tree Service Inc. Its wood shredders can chip logs up to 18 inches in diameter, and with a portable stump grinder, it can even access stumps through gates as narrow as three feet.

Downed trees can be cut and split for fireplaces and wood burning stoves. Professional tree services can also be hired to come in and remove the tree. Ayles’ Prentice loaders can haul large logs and wood.

So you save on the expense of wood chips when you use a wood shredder, but how much does tree trimming cost? Another question asked often is what is the average cost of removing a tree. Truth is costs range based on location, the branches, tree condition and whether it is left behind or hauled away. Tree trimming and tree removal costs also vary depending on if you need larger equipment, a wood shredder, stump grinder, amount of workers, etc. Getting estimates ahead of time is always a good idea.

Use of Large Wood Shredders and Tree Trimming Equipment Can Be A Risky Business

Removing a tree is risky and can be dangerous. Injuries can be incurred when bringing down a tree. A tree could fall on the worker; and a person could fall from a tree while trimming branches.

The operation of the machines (chainsaw, stump grinder, wood shredders) involved to do the task also present the possibility of injury. Debris fling out from wood shredders and from saws can cause bodily injury. Accidents also occur when working on trees around electrical wires.

When your safety is at risk it is always a good idea to contact a tree service professional. The experience a professional tree company brings also assures safety. They have all the necessary safety gear.

In addition to personal injury, improper handling of tree removal or trimming work can lead to property damage. A tree trunk or heavy branch could fall on the roof or hit a portion of your property and damage it.

Extra assurance is also provided with the insurance that comes with hiring a professional, removing any personal liability  for injury or property damage.

Finding an Experienced Staff to Help

Ayles Tree Service, Inc., provides expert tree trimming and removal. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensures prompt efficient tree removal in even the most difficult of settings.  Need help with your spring yard clean-up? Make sure you ask us about wood shredders to help keep your plants and trees healthy all summer. Call today and ask for details about our tree removal & trimming, brush clearing and stump grinding services.

How to Find a Reputable Tree Service Company in Michigan

man trimming a tree

Never attempt to trim or remove trees close to power lines or structures, as this could result in serious or fatal injury and/or significant damage to your home or property.

It’s an industry that has received it’s share of complaints to the Better Business Bureau over the last five years. This doesn’t mean there aren’t tree service companies that run legitimate companies. What it does mean is the customer needs to be careful and do the homework to their choosing a legitimate tree service company.

There are precautions customers can take before hiring a tree service company to avoid companies that produce less than desirable results. Remember, just because a company says it is reputable and BBB Accredited, doesn’t mean it is.

There are are a number of steps customers can use to assure their search to find a reputable tree service company in Michigan is headed in the right direction.

Here are Some Pointers That Should Help You Find a Reputable Tree Service Company in Michigan:

  1.  Reputation – Check a company’s online reviews, the Better Business Bureau, trade associations and community reputation. In the Lansing area, the company with the Big Red Trucks (Ayles Tree Service, Inc.) has served the mid-Michigan area with reputable tree service for over 50 years.  If a company has been doing business that long, it must be doing something right. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for references.
  2. Insurance – Make sure any choices you might consider has liability insurance. Without proper insurance, the customer pays for repairs to their property and any injuries that occur as a result of the accident. Any reputable tree service company in Michigan and other states will accept payments for most insurance companies.
  3. Too Cheap – Very low prices are great, however, sometimes that is a red flag for no experience, do not have proper insurances and certifications or they don’t plan on completing the project. Remember, oftentimes if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Too Expensive – Do not overpay for the removal of an easily accessible tree in your yard. A fast-talking salesman shouldn’t convince you otherwise.
  5. Better Business Bureau – Generally speaking, those who are accredited are also a reputable tree service company, and can be trusted. A company’s BBB rating is available. Ayle’s Tree Service in Lansing and Potterville, Michigan is proud to enjoy an A+ rating from the BBB for many years now.
  6. Multiple Estimates – Get at least three different estimates. This will give you an idea of what would be a fair price. Talk to a representative in person, this will allow you to ask questions about the job at hand.
  7.  Estimate Equity – Make sure the estimates you are comparing are offering the same services. For example one service may quote the price for felling a tree while the other company’s quote may be for removing it in small sections. While price is important trust your instincts about a company’s trustworthiness.
  8. Use Caution After a Disaster   Door-to-door contractors in natural disaster situations may be necessary. Even in this situation make sure you’re being charged a reasonable rate. You should also ensure that the company has the necessary insurances and certifications.
  9. Avoid Door-to-Door Contractors With the exception of natural disasters (still use caution), door-to-door contractors are not advised. They often travel town to town, taking advantage of homeowners (especially seniors). Deciding to complete tree work on the spur of the moment is a bad idea – there are too many variables that should be considered first.
  10.  Pay When Satisfied – Never pay for a tree service project (removal or trimming) until you are completely satisfied with the work.  Following this advice almost certainly will help you avoid any sort of tree service scam.

Finally, after you’ve completed your homework, trust your instincts. If that still leaves a sour feeling in your stomach trust the best and most reputable tree service companyin your area. If you are in the mid-michigan area, you don’t have to look far to find a reputable tree service company in Michigan. Ayles Tree Service serves Charlotte, Grand Ledge, Lansing, Hastings, Eaton Rapids, Mason, Marshall, Olivet, Springfield, Sunfield, Okemos, Haslett, Holt, Dimondale, Fowler and all points in between with their Big Red Trucks. Call today for an estimate. 517-484-8318.

Red Trucks the Sign of a Professional Tree Cutting Service for Spring Cleanup After Harsh Winter

tree-trimmingLong, dark, cold winters can be difficult on the human psyche. For some its finding daily remedies for the winter blues, while for others it’s a more complicated diagnosis called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which often requires professional medical help.

Harsh winters also have a large impact on our yards (trees, shrubs and plants). Cleaning up or remedying the damages that winter has inflicted may require more than just a family day of yard work. It may require a professional tree cutting service and the large red trucks carrying the proper equipment and Ayles’ professionals to do the job.

Trimming trees and removing trees from your property can be a dangerous undertaking. Without the proper equipment and knowledge of how to operate the machinery it can also be extremely dangerous. According to a study completed by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) more people are killed while trimming trees than doing any other logging activity.

Signs a Professional Tree Cutting Service is Needed:

Credentials, equipment and experience is what a licensed, bonded and insured tree service, like Ayles Tree Service, Inc. and its red trucks brings to the job at your home. Beyond all that, safety is the number one component as to why tree trimming and removal should be left to the professional. Many homeowners find it easy enough to prune a shrub, trimming and creating a well rounded, healthy tree is a different and more difficult matter. Contracting a professional tree cutting service brings peace of mind and greater chances that even broken trees can have longer healthy lives.

Signs that a professional tree-cutting service is needed:

  1. Large branches and limbs threaten a homeowners roof or that of their neighbors  Large branches or limbs falling on a roof could be troublesome. On a neighbor’s roof it may raise liability issues when substantial damage is caused. Instead of risking such an outcome, call a professional contractor (Ayles Tree Service, Inc.) where machinery (Hi-Ranger bucket trucks) and knowledgeable professionals can prevent any such mishap.
  2. Buried cables, sewer lines and sprinkler systems can become endangered by entangled tree roots. Oftentimes, this calls for the tree removal or the uprooting of a tree. To complete such a task larger towers and chippers are needed. Ayles Tree Service has five towers reaching up to 70 feet. Our Morbark Hurricane Chipper will take logs up to 14 inches in diameter. We also have a three Cerco  and one Hawk loader that can haul wood and logs up to 20 feet long.
  3. Ice can uproot a tree. It was predicted recently that Atlanta could lose a quarter of its trees due to its severe 2014 ice storm. This occurs because the added weight of the ice becomes so heavy that it snaps the tree or pulls the tree up by its roots. Removing the down tree requires trimmers, grinders and augers to remove the stump. It’s a load of work. The sight of Ayles’ big red trucks insures the job will be done right, while eliminating any possible danger and unnecessary stress.


Will Trees Survive the Cold and Ice Storm Damage?

Evergreens in winter during polar vortex January 2014The debilitating ice storm damage at the end of last year has kept our tree service crews working at a steady pace well into this month, even in this frigid weather. Ice, snow and record low temperatures threatened to run winter break right into spring break. While no one asked for a winter system with the ferocious abandon of a polar vortex, we can all agree, better the unseasonable cold weather now than in the spring.

One doesn’t have to be human to agree with that. Step out into nature (or your backyard) and ask that favorite bush or tree. What you will hear is a frost in late spring and early summer is actually much more stressful than the extreme freezing conditions of the dormant season.

“Trees are already dormant, so the polar freeze will have little long-term effect,” according to certified master arborist, R.J. Laverne of Davey’s Tree Expert Company. “Nothing can be done now to protect tress, but good fall care can help trees withstand winter’s harshest conditions.”

A large snowfall actually benefits trees the most during a polar freeze. Snow cover insulates the root systems naturally.

While many trees will avoid long-term damage from the polar freeze, residents may still find debris to clean-up and branches that will need trimming in the spring from the previous storm damage. Give Ayles Tree Service a call when you are ready we have been providing expert tree service to Mid Michigan and Eaton county residents and businesses for over 50 years.

Fall work such as watering and mulching help prepare and buffer trees from the frigid temperatures. It also provides a gradual, more natural indoctrination into cooler temperatures, as well as a growing storage of water.

The polar vortex will go away, right Mr. Freeze (alias Vincent Price)? When it does there will be things to watch for with your favorite trees.

  1. Winter Burn or desiccation injury occurs when trees cannot absorb enough water to keep up with the amount of moisture leaves lose. Most prominent with evergreen trees and shrubs because they continue to evaporate existing moisture in the wind-water that cannot be replaced from the frozen soil below.
  2. Frost cracks typically affects thin-barked trees. This occurs when temperature differential between sun-warmed bark and super cold airs magnified.
  3. Soil heaving happens when the soil alternates between freezing and thawing, pushing the shallow perennial plant roots out above the ground surface, exposing them to cold and dry wind.

Trees and shrubs native to the region they are growing usually fare better than those that have migrated from other regions, according to Laverne. Come spring trees that did not make it through the storm damage and harsh winter will need to be removed and in some cases replaced. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer and feel more comfortable hiring an expert, tree removal, planting, and tree transplanting plus stump removal are services Ayles Tree Service can help you with.

The Polar Vortex, however, will likely have an effect on this year’s fruit crops. Most apple and pear trees are able to endure a zone five winter with below zero temps, although, peach trees are less tolerant, according to Lake County Purdue Extension Educator Nikky Witkowski, she adds that blueberry and blackberry plants should be okay as the snow covering insulated plants from the cold temperatures.

It will be be spring before it is known what plants were damaged by the extreme cold and wind and the ice storm damage. For some trees and shrubs, we may see no leaves and some branch dieback. Unfortunately, perennials may not show up at all – a cold weather victim of this record  book winter season.

A frigid, wet winter makes for a busy spring clearing the debris for residents and tree service companies like Ayles. Fortunately, many residents with storm damage are covered by insurance, of which, Ayles has worked with most over the many years. Stay warm!

Winter Tree Care in Michigan

Our 2013 Michigan Fall was a bountiful one. Many people experienced the heaviest load of apples on their trees than they had ever seen. After a crippling 2012 where the Michigan apple industry suffered from a devastating winter warm up and then a spring freeze, a high yield year was welcome.

snow on tree - tree care and winter pruningWhile most people enjoyed the abundance, apple orchard owners and Michigan tree service companies recognized the strain the apple trees experienced from this bountiful harvest. Some apple trees cracked under the weight of the abundant fruit and people were saddened to see well-loved fruit laden landscaping trees fall. Although we can’t foretell the level of harvest we will enjoy or bare each year there are some steps we tree services companies can suggest to keep your trees healthy and strong to survive even the harshest conditions.

Michigan Tree Experts Recommend Winter Tree Care

Practicing regular tree care by trimming, cleaning, and pruning properly can protect against strain and harm. Late Fall and Winter area great times to examine the stability and health of your trees. With the leaves off it is easier to see any defects, changes in bark color, cracks and deadwood.

Many homeowners can follow these steps or you can hire a local tree expert from Ayle’s Tree Service if you are concerned about harming the tree.

Steps for Winter Tree Care

  • Locate all deadwood.
  • You will see obvious deadwood limbs and you may also see fungus growth, cracks and changes in the branch color.
  • Remove all deadwood
  • Some branches can be removed by hand and others may need to be cut properly with tools
  • Eliminate cross branches – any place you see where branches have formed over others branches. Branches should have uniform space an good light. Do not cut old cross overs of thick branches, those will need to stay to keep the integrity of the tree.
  • Trim the tree enough to allow light to filtrate
  • Shape as needed – keep in mind not to remove more than 30% of the trees limbs. Removal of too many limbs can stress the tree and make it susceptible to disease and instability.

Proper tree care will help keep your trees healthy and stable for years to come. Healthy trees can withstand storm damage much better than trees that have not been regularly maintained.

Home Owners Looking for Tree Care Experts can count on Ayles for Expert Tree Care

Although we are often known as a Tree Removal Company we prefer that people know that we provide complete Tree Service. As professional tree care experts we can certainly be on call for tree removal and storm clean up when you need us, we also want to help keep your trees healthy so they can sustain storm damage.

Following are Tree Pruning Standards from ANSI                       that all Ayle’s tree experts follow:

  • keep the entire tree safe while pruning
  • remove branch stubs
  • make few or no heading cuts
  • cut at the branch collar – no flush cuts
  • keep consistent foliage areas – not just leave foliage at the ends (also known as lion’s tail tree)
  • remove only 25% of the foliage of a single branch
  • remove up to 25% of total tree foliage
  • we will not use wound paint
  • prune only as needed
  • climbing spikes will be used when climbing tree

So if you are in Mid-Michigan wait for the weather to warm slightly and go on out and get your hands busy this winter – just remember to always practice safely when cutting! If you prefer to turn this task over to us or if you have large trees that need pruning or maintenance give us a call today. Ayles tree service experts have the equipment and experience to take care of all of your tree services needs.


Ayles Tree Service in Action

Operating out of Eaton and Ingham county, we offer top quality service and affordable pricing for all your tree service needs. We take most kinds of insurance so you don’t have to worry.

Ayles Tree Service has equipment to meet all your tree trimming and tree removal needs. Our reputation as Eaton county and Ingham county’s first choice for expert tree service speaks for itself as a seal of quality because. We appreciate your business.

Keep Ayles Tree Service at the front of your mind the next time you need tree work done this winter. We provide free estimates and work with most insurance companies.