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How To Protect Your Trees

protect your trees watering new  tree

If you have any trees on your property you’ll want to do what you can to ensure their long-term health. Luckily, trees are very resilient, so you don’t have to do a ton of maintenance work to keep them in good shape. A good long-term tree health plan will help to prevent issues before they arise, and keep your trees healthy and flourishing for years to come.

Why You Need To Protect Your Trees

As far as landscape elements are concerned trees are by far the most resilient, and require the least amount of care. However, that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance and upkeep to ensure they remain protected.

Trees are especially vulnerable to heavy winds, infection and disease, damage to their root system, and much more. Below you’ll find our recommended strategies for dealing with the most common tree protection issues.

Common Tree Protection Methods

Keeping your trees healthy can actually end up saying you money in the long run. By implementing a few tree protection methods you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs and potential damage to your home and landscape.

1. Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing can be used for a few different reasons. The main reason this process is used is to prevent trees from growing in a way that causes them to break. By cabling and bracing certain branches you can force the tree to grow in a way, so that its structural integrity stays intact.

This will prevent tree toppling, broken branches, and prevent the tree from splitting or cracking during a rough storm.

2. Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning is another way to influence the direction and growth pattern of a tree. This can be done to influence its growth pattern, get rid of dead or infected branches, and cut down branches that might be close to damaging elements like power lines.

Trimming and pruning can help to mitigate potential problems before they become a nuisance.

3. Be Aware Of Root Structures

It’s important to know how wide of a root base your tree has. The roots of the tree not only keep the tree upright, but also are how the tree uptakes nutrients. By knowing how wide the root structures extend you’ll be able to avoid damage from a construction project, or anything else that might damage the roots and lead to the tree’s demise.

If you are going to begin a construction project it’s a good idea to mark off the root beds to avoid potential damage.

4. Mulch On A Regular Basis

Applying mulch to the base of your tree will help to keep your trees growing strong. Adding an inch or two of mulch on a consistent basis will help to keep the soil free from weeds and at a consistent level of moisture.

This will also give you a boundary that will prevent the trunks of trees from becoming damaged due to a cut from yard and lawn maintenance equipment.

If you’re interested in a regular tree maintenance plan, want to protect your trees, or are interested in having the trees on your property inspected, then give us a call at 517-484-8381.

Let Ayles Tree Service take care of your tree and landscape needs, so you can have a healthy and productive landscape for years to come.

Lot and Land Clearing in Mid-Michigan: Preparing Sites for Construction

lot and land clearing mid-michigan ayles bulldozer

If you’re thinking about building on your site or plot of land there are a variety of things you’ll want to keep in mind. Lot and land clearing in Mid-Michigan often requires extensive equipment (and the know-how to use it!) to get it prepped for construction stage. There’s a process you’ll want to go through step-by-step in order to ensure your site is entirely prepped to build, as well as all trees and plants will remain in good condition.

The Site Clearing Agenda

Before you can begin the building process you’ll need to ensure the site is thoroughly prepped. Below we dive into common lot and land clearing processes that will help prep your land for the next step in the construction process.

1. Land Assessment

The first step is assessing the land. This is where all trees, shrubs, and land formations are documented in accordance to your construction plan. Since site clearing is the foundational step in the building process this is something you’ll want to get right so there are no problems r misunderstandings.

2. Common Clearing Methods

The site clearing methods used will depend upon your land, and the natural features you want to maintain. That being said some of the most common tasks are as follows:

  • Clearing the site of all vegetation, trees, rocks, and other formations
  • Leveling the site
  • Grading the site
  • Staking the structure zones
  • Digging for foundation placement
  • Implementing measures for erosion control
  • Drilling for wells and other systems

The exact methods and tasks used will depend upon the state of the land and the goals for your project. If there are trees or other natural elements you want to keep it is very important to note this prior to hiring a company for your lot and land clearing in mid-Michigan

3. Types Of Equipment

There are several types of equipment that will be used to clear your lot. This can range from simple hand clearing tools, all the way up to bulldozers to flatten the land. The equipment employed for the job will depend on how much land you need cleared, and the vegetation you currently have present.

Luckily, we have the tools and equipment on hand to handle any type of clearing job.

4. Minimizing Tree Stress

One common request is landowners looking to preserve certain trees on their property. We employ a method that minimizes tree stress, by marking out a perimeter that surrounds the root zone.

This will ensure none of your trees become damaged throughout the construction, or remainder of the clearing process.

Common Costs In Site Preparation

The overall costs of site clearing are once again, dependent on the size of your lot, and the overall intensiveness of the process. But, on a rough estimate, costs usually range from $3 to $6 per square foot.

If you’re interested in a price estimate, give us a call at 517-484-8318, and we’ll come check out your lot.

Choosing The Right Company For The Job

In the Michigan area there are trees everywhere you look. This means when you’re starting the construction process you’ll probably have at least a few trees on your property that you’ll need to either remove, or ensure their health remains intact throughout the building process.

If you have a property that is heavily vegetated, or has areas you want to keep intact, then call us to set up an appointment at 517-484-8318.

Common means to find the perfect company for lot and land clearing in mid-Michigan include: getting referrals from friends or loved ones, checking out the company’s experience via their website or the Better Business Bureau, and making sure they’re properly licensed and insured.

Let Ayles Tree Service help clear your lot or land, so you can keep your Lansing area construction project moving forward to completion.

Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor Day – Ayles Tree Service

Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor DaySpring is in the air, and with it comes two exciting holidays for us here at Ayles Tree Service: Earth Day and Arbor Day! These are days we hold dear because we believe everyday is Earth Day and we always encourage people to plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day.

Earth Day

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22. This holiday is a worldwide celebration of protecting our environment. It was started in 1970 and is currently run under the direction of the Earth Day Network.

We like Earth Day because the focus of the day inevitably turns to the role that trees have in sustaining the earth, and we have a huge commitment to trees! This is one day when our mission lines up well with what everyone else has on their minds. We know that having a tree service like Ayles taking good care of the trees in your yard or place of business not only increases your property value and beautifies your environment, but also sustains them, increases their life expectancy, and helps them to continue to do their part in taking care of our Mother Earth.

Here in the mid-Michigan, Lansing and Ingham County, residents often partner with Michigan State University or other local educational agencies to celebrate Earth Day.

Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor Day 

This year, Arbor Day falls on April 24. Around the United States citizens are encouraged plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. Arbor Day also encourages people to care for trees. It is celebrated in the US and a few other countries. Generally, Arbor Day is a spring holiday, although in some countries it may vary depending on the planting season.

The Arbor Day Foundation, a national-level nonprofit, is the principal agency in the US in regards to Arbor Day. It is a nonprofit committed to the principles of Arbor Day, and also runs the “Tree City, USA” program, which encourages cities and urban areas to take the care of trees very seriously by incorporating several policies aimed at the development of trees in the area.

Many people choose to plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. But why not choose to help the trees you already have to continue to grow and bolster their vibrant health? A good tree service like Ayles can help property owners choose and undertake the right maintenance for the trees in their care.

What an exciting season, and how convenient that these two holidays fall so close to one another. Remember, if either of these holidays has you thinking about the trees on your property, Ayles is here to help them be the best they can be. Give us a call today for an estimate on your job.

Emerald Ash Borer and Tree Removal: 4 Things You Need To Know

Tree damaged by Emerald Ash Borer and Tree RemovalIt’s Spring again in mid-Michigan, but with the sunshine and heat comes one thing we never count on: critters. In the Lansing area, the emerald ash borer is a scourge that often means tree removal and other problems. But, before you throw up your hands in frustration, be sure to educate yourself first. The emerald ash borer can be a serious pain to the home and business owner, but you don’t have to deal with it by yourself!

Know Where It Came From: The Emerald Ash Borer

This particular kind of beetle (the “EAB”) was first discovered in Michigan about a decade ago. It threatens ash trees specifically, as it is an invasive species not native to the area and Michigan ash trees have no resistance to this invader. It is thought that EAB came to Michigan via a cargo ship, likely riding on wood products or shipping materials. Although the Department of Natural Resources is working on control and eradication, the beetle continues to be a problem in the area.

EAB and Tree Removal: It May Take Several Seasons

The truth is that the EAB can infest healthy and sick trees. An already-compromised tree may succumb to the pest within 1-2 years, whereas a healthy tree may survive 3-4 seasons before you have to take action.

If you’re unsure of the extent or length of your infestation, Ayles Tree Service is happy to take a look at your particular case and provide you with some one-on-one guidance. Call us at 517-484-8318 to set up an appointment for us to come to your home or site.

Emerald Ash Borer: Tree Removal Isn’t Your Only Option

Once you discover an EAB infestation on your property, you’ll need to decide how to treat your ash trees. Ayles Tree Service offers complete front-to-back service with consultation, removal of the tree and disposal of the material. The State of Michigan currently requires special care with disposal, and we’re more than able to take care of your ash tree material within these recommendations.

However, there are other options, and we’d be happy to go over those with you. Sometimes ash trees can be saved with a consistent annual treatment program, however, such programs are time intense and expensive. Again, we’re able to consult on your specific situation. 

After Emerald Ash Borer: You CAN Plant Again

Emerald Ash Borer and tree removal doesn’t mean you’re left with an ugly, bare spot on your property. Here at Ayles Tree Service, we are more than happy to go over options in moving forward with concerned home and business owners. A removed tree doesn’t have to mean an eyesore. Other planting and landscape options are available to you. Call us today for a free estimate.

The presence of Emerald Ash Borer doesn’t need to spell the end of your greenery. Let Ayles Tree Service help identify your trees and clean up your landscape to keep all your trees healthy.

Michigan Tree Service Debate: Is Winter the Best Season for Tree Pruning?

Is Winter the Best Season for Tree Pruning?  Winter tree branchesTaking care of your trees during Michigan winters can be a daunting prospect. You know that pruning your trees is not only healthy and helps them to ward off little pests, but that it also helps them to flourish. At the same time, pruning helps you to find and fend off any potentially problematic branches that could be a detriment to your property.

But is winter really the best time? There seems to be a bit of confusion on the topic, and perhaps even some debate. So, let’s look at the different aspects of tree pruning during Michigan winters. Ready? Debate!

Yes, Winter is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

There are several advantages to trimming while your trees are dormant. For example, it may help the plants to flourish at a time when their energy reserves are low. Pruning means that extra energy doesn’t need to go to the weakest points of the tree. This could mean a very healthy growth push come spring, and there’s definitely some advantage to that.

In addition to this, pruning in the winter may be easier on the owner and/or tree technician, because the view of the branches is much clearer without the foliage. This may ensure a good-quality pruning takes place. This additional clarity during the job may help with some of the safety aspects of pruning in the winter, too. It’s a bit more difficult to work with the snow, ice and wind, but a good, clear view means that the job is that much easier.

Pruning in the winter also gives the tree time to heal during the healthy spring growing season, whereas pruning in fall means less vigorous healing time for your plant.

Lastly, pruning in winter can mean less attacks by pests that carry disease, as such vermin aren’t as active in the winter season. Some varieties of critters are attracted to the fresh smell of a trimmed tree, and so avoiding the months when they are active helps your tree to avoid any problems.

No, Winter is Not the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

There are a few kinds of trees that should not be pruned in the winter, because they will then tend to produce a sap that can make a mess of your decks, patio or even your car. Pruning these kinds of trees is not best in the winter; you’ll need to wait for the summer months.

In addition, summer pruning works better for slowing the growth of a tree on purpose, since it also gets rid of the leaves that intake the plant’s fuel.

Lastly, some property owners prefer to trim in warmers months out of a sheer safety aspect. However, it should be noted that trained professional tree technicians like ours are accustomed to working in all weather, and take all pertinent safety precautions.

Conclusion: Winter and Tree Pruning

So, is winter the best season for tree pruning? Because of all the variables that go into tree trim work, there is no one clear answer contacting a professional for a bit of advice is your best bet. You can call Ayles Tree Service, or email us to set up an appointment with a free estimate. We can decide the best course of action for your particular situation based on kind of tree, its health status and the amount of pruning needed.

Tree Trimming of a Different Sort

tree trimming lansing michiganTree trimming—what images come to your mind with that phrase? If you’re like a lot of the Lansing (Charlotte, MI etc) community at this time of year, your brain is likely spinning through sparkly images of Pinterest-worthy Christmas trees and twinkling lights. You envision trips to the local craft store and family gathered around, working together to beautify your home, right?

What about boughs of holly? Do you think of warm fireplaces, carefully hung stockings and decked out halls? Perhaps you get that feeling of bringing the outside into your home, complete with a pleasant pine smell.

Here at Ayles Tree Service. Potterville, Michigan, we think of those things, too. We’re excited to do some tree trimming of our own, to take some time off, and to enjoy and relax a little with our own families and friends. We’re not ignoring a toast or two around a burning fireplace decked with decorated branches!

But, we also think a little differently. When we hear “tree trimming” and sometimes even “boughs of holly,” we think of what we can do to help your home or business retain and increase its value by taking care of your property. We think of the problems we can help you solve by trimming up some of that holly, or the projects we can help you get started after tree removal. You see, we’ve got a head for this tree trimming business year round, including over the holidays!

So, don’t forget about us as you celebrate. We’re here to help, no matter what your needs may be this holiday a season!

Meanwhile, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you the best of times in decorating your halls and trimming your indoor tree! We hope for only the best memories, the warmest fires and the most beautiful décor for you and your family.

And, from our family to yours, we send the happiest of holiday wishes and season’s greetings!

The Encyclopedia of Tree and Lot Clearing: Everything You Need to Know For Your Building Plans

lot clearing remove trees on propertyPrepping for your future building plans is exciting, right? But, one thing you don’t need is the need for tree and lot clearing to get in the way or knock you off schedule. Here is everything you need to know about tree service when it comes to clearing the lot for your new build.

A is for Assessing Your Lot

Many tree services offer a free assessment of your lot, which may include information on viability of trees, placement advice or even a cost estimate.

B is for Business Building Plans

Tree and lot clearing companies often provide services to both private (residential) customers and to businesses who are ready to build. Make sure your chosen tree service works with your kind of lot.

C is for Lot Clearing Costs

Clearing your land for your future building project is a very individualized service. This often makes it difficult to estimate costs sight-unseen. Tree services and other contractors will likely need to take a look at your parcel in order to make an estimate.

E is for Tree Clearing Equipment

An experienced tree clearing contractor will use a wide variety of equipment to get your lot clear. The choice of equipment often depends on the type of vegetation and trees that need to be cleared, but some examples are backhoes, bulldozers, chainsaws and other heavy machinery.

F is for Footprint

For new buildings and beginning construction, your tree service may only need to clear the area of your building’s footprint. The finished “product” will be a clear area of flat soil, ready for the next step.  

G is for Grading for Future Building Plans

If your lot is being cleared for a new building, the next step is often grading or leveling the land. This may or may not be an included part of your lot clearing—be sure to ask your chosen contractor if leveling is included.

L is For Local Laws

Your future building plans have to be vetted with many authorities, councils and city departments, and the same goes for lot clearing. Be sure to check for any laws governing endangered species, special area uses and so forth.

M is for Tree Clearing Methods

There are many different methods when it comes to clearing a parcel. The process your contractor chooses depends a lot on the land being cleared, including factors like size and slope of your lot.

R is for Reviews of Your Tree Service

Be sure to check around prior to choosing your tree service or lot clearing contractor. Check out local reviews of their work, and peruse their website to see if they are professional and knowledgeable.

S is for Service

Typical tree and lot clearing services for future building plans include removal of obstacles, vegetation, trees, bushes and underbrush. Services may or may not include grading, leveling or disposal of timber and other debris. Be sure to check with your contractor to see what is included.

V is for Verify Your Tree Clearing Contractor

Confirm that your tree clearing contractor has the correct clearances, licenses and permissions to help you prep for your future build. In addition, make sure that the company you choose is licensed and bonded.

Clearing your lot is only one of the earliest steps when it comes to your future building plans, but it is an important step nonetheless. Being prepared and knowledgeable about the process can save you both time and money.

Dead Tree Removal – How do you know when it’s time?

dead-tree-removal-grand-ledge-michiganWhen is a good time to remove a dead tree?

Some people call Ayles Tree Service for dead tree removal at the first sign of a dying tree. Other customers weight options and choose to hold off removing a tree. The most important consideration for dead tree removal is if a dead tree is in danger of shedding large branches or falling and harming a person or valuable property. If the tree is a hazard it is a good idea to contact us for removal. If you have a dying tree located in a secluded area and there is no concern of branches falling and injuring others or harming property, you can choose to hold off removing the dead tree for a time.

How do you know if a tree is dying and can not be saved?

If more than 25% of the branches are broken or damaged the tree probably can not be saved. If branches are all on one side of a tree this is a sign of root or trunk damage. Leaning or lopsided trees can cause instability and falling hazards and should be looked at by a professional or the tree should be removed for safety. Another sign to pay attention are large clusters of fungi around the base of the tree. Masses of mushrooms that you have not seen around the tree previously  are often a symptom of internal rot and root damage.

What are the benefits of not removing a dead tree?

Even dying trees continue to provide value for a time. Besides the fact that trees offer a natural habitat for animals and birds, trees enhance the environment in other ways. Trees assist in keeping water and air clean, they help in retaining soil and providing shade. Besides the increased property value, some homeowners love their trees for the sentimental reasons. The beauty of the tree and the memories of  the tree when they purchased the property or when they planted the tree can make dead tree removal a difficult decision.


What are the benefits of removing a dead tree?

Some of the challenges of dead or dying trees that homeowners and commercial property owners encounter is constant clean up around the dying tree. Depending on the species, dying trees often shed their bark and limbs. Besides the danger of the falling debris there is also the expense of upkeep from the shedding that steadily increases as the life of the tree decreases. Ayle’s can come in and remove large limbs and clean up the area as needed however depending on the frequency, the cost to property owners can add up quickly.

Other benefits to dead tree removal is to help other trees in the environment. If a tree has a disease, removal of the tree can help protect other trees from getting infected. Also, a dead tree may be a cause of too close of planting and removing the dead tree can help a healthier tree continue to flourish.

We know  you plant trees to enjoy them for years to come and it can be difficult to when the time come for removal. Ayle’s professionals are here to help you when you are ready. Our professional crews plan removal for the least amount of interruption to you, your neighbors, traffic and utilities. Crews will chip all small branches, cut, then remove large logs,  rake and clean up the entire area before they leave.

If you need dead tree removal please give Ayle’s a call today we can provide an estimate and set a time for removal that works in your schedule.

Just another stormy day in Mid-Michigan… ‘Tell me, what’s the average cost to remove a tree?’

storm-damaged-tree-average-cost-to-remove-a-treeThe days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer and mid-Michigan has already experienced storms causing power outages, down power lines and down trees. It’s only September storm clean up have begun and tree removal service companies in Mid-Michigan have started getting inquiries on what the average cost to remove a tree is.

As you will see by the picture, this family home in Charlotte, Michigan was fortunate to only lose large limbs from some of the many large hardwood trees in the yard. When the limbs split they carried a few of the power lines with them on their way down. The family evacuated to safety avoiding the danger of the down power lines caused by the falling tress and branches. The morning after brought caution tape, a couple of power company crews and a few phone calls inquiring on the average cost to remove a tree!

Some of us were fortunate to keep our power and trees intact this time but a quick drive around Calhoun County, Battle Creek, Marshall and Eaton County, Mason, Eaton Rapids, Springport and Charlotte, MI in particular the fall out from the previous nights storm was evident. Research ahead of time and learning the average cost to remove a tree is important following damaging storms. Companies from out of state, known as storm followers will move into a community that has experienced a large amount of down trees from seasonal storms. These companies can often have unscrupulous practices and sooner than not they disappear to another hard hit community and there is no warranty, clean up or ability to respond to them once your check has cleared.

As with most services there is not flat fee that can be given as an average cost for removal of trees. The average cost to remove a tree ranges deepening on a variety of factors.

Consideration in determining average cost to remove a tree:

  • size of the tree
  • ease of access for removal of trees
  • proximity of power lines or other utilities
  • hiring experienced, professional tree removal services (bonded and insured)
    what tree removal equipment is required
  • will entire tree be removed, just large branches, or trunk and stump also

Today, it’s a beautiful, sunny, nearly Autumn day with cerulean blue skies with just enough cumulus clouds to make it picture perfect. The light breeze holds just a hint of crispness and the reality of fall storms and winter blizzards come to mind and fritter quickly away. We’ve barely completed the storm clean up and tree clearing needed from last year’s horrendous storms and another Michigan fall and winter loom ahead.

Once you are ready to tackle those dreaded winterizing tasks all Michigan home owners must attend to take a look around your yard. Do you have dead or dying trees that may interfere with power lines during seasonal storms? Now is the time to address those eye sores and dangerous large limbed, once majestic trees on your property. Finish up tree clearing projects before the weather limits access or professional tree services are busy cleaning up after harmful storms.

Is there anything sadder than a dead tree in the yard?

dead tree in yard mid-michiganSomething that was once so beautiful and full of life, color and sound, now dry and flaking. How sad it will no longer produce fruit and shade or serve as a hanger for a tire swing or birds nest. It seems as if the tree has lost its’ dignity. Once a majestic towering hardwood or soft, draping willow its’ spirit has faded and its’ body is crumbling. It is ominous when you pull up to a house and the first thing you see is a dead tree. As a lover of nature and design I also appreciate the practice of feng shui. A dead tree in the yard does the opposite of represent prosperity! The associated meaning of a dead tree in the yard is a symbol of loss, adversity and being stuck in the past. A feng shui cure is to get rid of the dead tree and view it as a chance for new life and plan going forward.

Next Step: How do I  get rid of the dead tree in my yard?

Depending on the size and placement of trees it can be a pretty tricky task to take down that dead tree. A professional tree service can go to your house and preview the tree and site. The cost to remove a dead tree from your yard is dependent on the type of tree removal equipment needed and the time required to remove the dead tree safely.

Large trees and branches that overhang utility wires are the biggest consideration when removing dead trees. Because dead trees are dry and brittle, large limbs can crack without warning. If a large tree limb crashes on to a live wire – run while calling 911. In areas where structures and homes are close to a dead tree or broken limbs caution must be taken to avoid having a tree fall on a roof or have broken windows from fallen branches.

Many Eaton County, Ingham County and Clinton County residents in Mid-Michigan experienced a hard grueling winter of ice storms and polar vortex winds and temperatures. Sadly our trees paid for this frigid weather. Ayles Tree Service is still servicing customers who have dead trees in the yard, large branches and tree lines of downed trees that couldn’t survive the harsh winter of 2014.

If you have a dead tree in the yard be careful of falling branches and debris. Even large chunks of bark falling from the tree can be harmful to a person or an animal. A home owner is solely responsible for the maintenance of their property and that includes landscaping. If a dead tree branch falls on a car or a person the home owner is liable for damages. Michigan home insurance coverage of these types of accidents vary by each company. Review your home owners insurance policy or better yet, just get the dead tree cut down and keep your yard safe.

Summer is the best time to have an experienced tree service in Mid-Michigan give you an estimate for tree removal and schedule a time to cut trees down or clear out dead trees. Before winter hits again, or even one of those crackling, booming summer storms, give Ayle’s Tree Service a call. Our tree service expert is happy to come to your home and review the site and the trees that need removed. We’ll provide a fair tree removal estimate for your mid-Michigan home.