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The Encyclopedia of Tree and Lot Clearing: Everything You Need to Know For Your Building Plans

lot clearing remove trees on propertyPrepping for your future building plans is exciting, right? But, one thing you don’t need is the need for tree and lot clearing to get in the way or knock you off schedule. Here is everything you need to know about tree service when it comes to clearing the lot for your new build.

A is for Assessing Your Lot

Many tree services offer a free assessment of your lot, which may include information on viability of trees, placement advice or even a cost estimate.

B is for Business Building Plans

Tree and lot clearing companies often provide services to both private (residential) customers and to businesses who are ready to build. Make sure your chosen tree service works with your kind of lot.

C is for Lot Clearing Costs

Clearing your land for your future building project is a very individualized service. This often makes it difficult to estimate costs sight-unseen. Tree services and other contractors will likely need to take a look at your parcel in order to make an estimate.

E is for Tree Clearing Equipment

An experienced tree clearing contractor will use a wide variety of equipment to get your lot clear. The choice of equipment often depends on the type of vegetation and trees that need to be cleared, but some examples are backhoes, bulldozers, chainsaws and other heavy machinery.

F is for Footprint

For new buildings and beginning construction, your tree service may only need to clear the area of your building’s footprint. The finished “product” will be a clear area of flat soil, ready for the next step.  

G is for Grading for Future Building Plans

If your lot is being cleared for a new building, the next step is often grading or leveling the land. This may or may not be an included part of your lot clearing—be sure to ask your chosen contractor if leveling is included.

L is For Local Laws

Your future building plans have to be vetted with many authorities, councils and city departments, and the same goes for lot clearing. Be sure to check for any laws governing endangered species, special area uses and so forth.

M is for Tree Clearing Methods

There are many different methods when it comes to clearing a parcel. The process your contractor chooses depends a lot on the land being cleared, including factors like size and slope of your lot.

R is for Reviews of Your Tree Service

Be sure to check around prior to choosing your tree service or lot clearing contractor. Check out local reviews of their work, and peruse their website to see if they are professional and knowledgeable.

S is for Service

Typical tree and lot clearing services for future building plans include removal of obstacles, vegetation, trees, bushes and underbrush. Services may or may not include grading, leveling or disposal of timber and other debris. Be sure to check with your contractor to see what is included.

V is for Verify Your Tree Clearing Contractor

Confirm that your tree clearing contractor has the correct clearances, licenses and permissions to help you prep for your future build. In addition, make sure that the company you choose is licensed and bonded.

Clearing your lot is only one of the earliest steps when it comes to your future building plans, but it is an important step nonetheless. Being prepared and knowledgeable about the process can save you both time and money.

Ayles Tree Service in Action

Operating out of Eaton and Ingham county, we offer top quality service and affordable pricing for all your tree service needs. We take most kinds of insurance so you don’t have to worry.

Ayles Tree Service has equipment to meet all your tree trimming and tree removal needs. Our reputation as Eaton county and Ingham county’s first choice for expert tree service speaks for itself as a seal of quality because. We appreciate your business.

Keep Ayles Tree Service at the front of your mind the next time you need tree work done this winter. We provide free estimates and work with most insurance companies.

Will Your Tree Survive the Winter?

AYLES is hoping to keep you safe this winter. Snow, ice EvergreensSnowC1312_3and wind are dangerous enough without you having to worry about stray limbs and in some cases whole trees falling around you.

It can be difficult to know when tree removal services are necessary in your own yard. Preemptive strikes can save you a lot of risk and peace of mind if you have trees that are in bad condition. There are many things to consider if you are concerned about a tree endangering you and your yard.

Are there dead limbs hanging from the highest branches that could fall and could cause injury or damage? Are there hollowed areas around the trunk or main limbs of the tree, indicating weakened structure and deteriorating health?

V-shaped forks in trees are statistically proven to break more often than any other, including U-shaped forks. It is also good to keep an eye out for heaving soil (soil containing large amounts of moisture) since it can be the warning sign of a poor root system that will fault in bad weather.

Emergency tree trimming is no problem for AYLES. We handle a wide array of problems and work towards the optimal solution for you.

The most important thing to remember is the lifespan of a tree is hard to predict. Just because your tree survived the last eight years through winter and severe storms doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay that way.

Give us a call or contact us online for a free estimate today.

Spring cannot come soon enough!

lilac in spring Before you know it the snow with be gone and the flowers will start to pop out of the ground. Spring is upon us. The wonderful season of beautiful colors. Tree’s blossoming, sweet smells of Lilac and Honeysuckle, and green grass. Instead of hibernation everyone will be out in their yards. Working in their garden’s and landscaping.

Pink Trumpet Tree

Keep Ayles Tree Service in mind for Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding, as well as Tree Planting and Transplanting.

Ayles Tree Service has been serving the Lansing Area  for over 50 years! Including but not limited to:

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