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Dead Tree Removal – How do you know when it’s time?

dead-tree-removal-grand-ledge-michiganWhen is a good time to remove a dead tree?

Some people call Ayles Tree Service for dead tree removal at the first sign of a dying tree. Other customers weight options and choose to hold off removing a tree. The most important consideration for dead tree removal is if a dead tree is in danger of shedding large branches or falling and harming a person or valuable property. If the tree is a hazard it is a good idea to contact us for removal. If you have a dying tree located in a secluded area and there is no concern of branches falling and injuring others or harming property, you can choose to hold off removing the dead tree for a time.

How do you know if a tree is dying and can not be saved?

If more than 25% of the branches are broken or damaged the tree probably can not be saved. If branches are all on one side of a tree this is a sign of root or trunk damage. Leaning or lopsided trees can cause instability and falling hazards and should be looked at by a professional or the tree should be removed for safety. Another sign to pay attention are large clusters of fungi around the base of the tree. Masses of mushrooms that you have not seen around the tree previously  are often a symptom of internal rot and root damage.

What are the benefits of not removing a dead tree?

Even dying trees continue to provide value for a time. Besides the fact that trees offer a natural habitat for animals and birds, trees enhance the environment in other ways. Trees assist in keeping water and air clean, they help in retaining soil and providing shade. Besides the increased property value, some homeowners love their trees for the sentimental reasons. The beauty of the tree and the memories of  the tree when they purchased the property or when they planted the tree can make dead tree removal a difficult decision.


What are the benefits of removing a dead tree?

Some of the challenges of dead or dying trees that homeowners and commercial property owners encounter is constant clean up around the dying tree. Depending on the species, dying trees often shed their bark and limbs. Besides the danger of the falling debris there is also the expense of upkeep from the shedding that steadily increases as the life of the tree decreases. Ayle’s can come in and remove large limbs and clean up the area as needed however depending on the frequency, the cost to property owners can add up quickly.

Other benefits to dead tree removal is to help other trees in the environment. If a tree has a disease, removal of the tree can help protect other trees from getting infected. Also, a dead tree may be a cause of too close of planting and removing the dead tree can help a healthier tree continue to flourish.

We know  you plant trees to enjoy them for years to come and it can be difficult to when the time come for removal. Ayle’s professionals are here to help you when you are ready. Our professional crews plan removal for the least amount of interruption to you, your neighbors, traffic and utilities. Crews will chip all small branches, cut, then remove large logs,  rake and clean up the entire area before they leave.

If you need dead tree removal please give Ayle’s a call today we can provide an estimate and set a time for removal that works in your schedule.

Red Trucks the Sign of a Professional Tree Cutting Service for Spring Cleanup After Harsh Winter

tree-trimmingLong, dark, cold winters can be difficult on the human psyche. For some its finding daily remedies for the winter blues, while for others it’s a more complicated diagnosis called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which often requires professional medical help.

Harsh winters also have a large impact on our yards (trees, shrubs and plants). Cleaning up or remedying the damages that winter has inflicted may require more than just a family day of yard work. It may require a professional tree cutting service and the large red trucks carrying the proper equipment and Ayles’ professionals to do the job.

Trimming trees and removing trees from your property can be a dangerous undertaking. Without the proper equipment and knowledge of how to operate the machinery it can also be extremely dangerous. According to a study completed by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) more people are killed while trimming trees than doing any other logging activity.

Signs a Professional Tree Cutting Service is Needed:

Credentials, equipment and experience is what a licensed, bonded and insured tree service, like Ayles Tree Service, Inc. and its red trucks brings to the job at your home. Beyond all that, safety is the number one component as to why tree trimming and removal should be left to the professional. Many homeowners find it easy enough to prune a shrub, trimming and creating a well rounded, healthy tree is a different and more difficult matter. Contracting a professional tree cutting service brings peace of mind and greater chances that even broken trees can have longer healthy lives.

Signs that a professional tree-cutting service is needed:

  1. Large branches and limbs threaten a homeowners roof or that of their neighbors  Large branches or limbs falling on a roof could be troublesome. On a neighbor’s roof it may raise liability issues when substantial damage is caused. Instead of risking such an outcome, call a professional contractor (Ayles Tree Service, Inc.) where machinery (Hi-Ranger bucket trucks) and knowledgeable professionals can prevent any such mishap.
  2. Buried cables, sewer lines and sprinkler systems can become endangered by entangled tree roots. Oftentimes, this calls for the tree removal or the uprooting of a tree. To complete such a task larger towers and chippers are needed. Ayles Tree Service has five towers reaching up to 70 feet. Our Morbark Hurricane Chipper will take logs up to 14 inches in diameter. We also have a three Cerco  and one Hawk loader that can haul wood and logs up to 20 feet long.
  3. Ice can uproot a tree. It was predicted recently that Atlanta could lose a quarter of its trees due to its severe 2014 ice storm. This occurs because the added weight of the ice becomes so heavy that it snaps the tree or pulls the tree up by its roots. Removing the down tree requires trimmers, grinders and augers to remove the stump. It’s a load of work. The sight of Ayles’ big red trucks insures the job will be done right, while eliminating any possible danger and unnecessary stress.


Spring cannot come soon enough!

lilac in spring Before you know it the snow with be gone and the flowers will start to pop out of the ground. Spring is upon us. The wonderful season of beautiful colors. Tree’s blossoming, sweet smells of Lilac and Honeysuckle, and green grass. Instead of hibernation everyone will be out in their yards. Working in their garden’s and landscaping.

Pink Trumpet Tree

Keep Ayles Tree Service in mind for Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding, as well as Tree Planting and Transplanting.

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