Lot Clearing

Mid-Michigan Lot Clearing and Land Clearing SpecialistsAyles Lot Clearing

When it comes to clearing your lot or land for construction or other purposes, you need to make sure the job gets done right. Since land clearing is the foundational job for completing any project you need to work with a trusted professional.

As Mid-Michigan lot clearing and land clearing specialists we can tackle a variety of land clearing projects. Whether you’re clearing your lot for recreational purposes, construction, restoration, or fire prevention purposes, we have the tools and knowledge to take on any job. Below you’ll find our most common services, along with brief descriptions of each service.

Tree Clearing

Ayles Lot ClearingOur tree clearing service will remove any tree, large or small, from your land or lot. Throughout this process we can also ensure the safety and health of any trees you wish to keep on the property.

If you’re interested in simple tree trimming we can handle that process as well. Sometimes, you need nothing more than a few branches trimmed to preserve your beautiful view, or to stop them from interfering with electrical and power lines.

Stump Chipping – Stump Grinding

If you have a tree stump on your property or lot you need to remove in order to build, or lay down a new landscape, we also offer stump grinding. We have two stump grinders available, which will help us remove large stumps, and those that are more difficult to access.

Don’t let a stubborn stub prevent you from building the home of your dreams. If you’re interested in getting started with clearing your lot, then give us a call at 517-484-8318.

Debris Removal

Some lots, or pieces of land are cluttered with all kinds of debris, from plant matter, to trash, to old construction materials. We can clear any lot to make it suitable for your next build.

No amount of debris is too large, as we have specific machinery that can handle any job. For instance, we have mowers that can handle level terrain, as well as mounted mowers that can clear steeper terrain.

Use Of Job-Specific Machinery

At Ayles Tree Service we employ a variety of lot clearing equipment and tools to clear even the most difficult terrain. Some Michigan and Lansing area companies can only handle small lots, or terrain without unique features. Ayles Tree Service and lot clearing equipment and experience allows us to tackle any project that might arise.

Depending on the job we can employ the use of a variety of tools and equipment:

  • Stump grinders
  • Shovels and other hand equipment
  • Tree chippers
  • Tree cutters
  • Loaders
  • Excavators
  • And more…

However, tools and equipment are nothing without an experienced staff. Our team is professionally trained using the necessary equipment to ensure your lot will be cleared with best practices in mind.

Let our experienced and professionally trained team help clear your lot or land, so you can get started with your next project.