Tree Removal

We Have the Equipment to Meet Your Needs

Hurricane Chipper 2400Ayles Tree Service, Inc. in mid-Michigan, provides expert tree trimming and expert tree removal. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensures prompt efficient tree removal in even the most difficult of settings. Ayles can estimate the cost of tree removal on your site. Ayles tree removal experts have many years of tree removal experience. Expert tree trimmers and tree removal experts practice safety when working with utility lines, homes, other buildings and people. Do you have a dead tree that needs removed or do you have a tree that needs removed due to construction? Call the expert tree service the Lansing, Michigan area has trusted since 1960.

Ayles Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We have several large towers – reaching up to 70 feet for large tree removals. Wood grinders and wood chippers that can chip up to a 18 inch log. We use Prentice loaders to haul large logs & wood off site once your tree has been downed.

Tree Branch Removal

Ayles expert tree service can also remove tree branches on your lot or commercial building. Contact Ayles Tree Service if a tree branches need to be removed if a branch has fallen on your home from a storm, if a large branch on a tree in your yard or at your place of business is dead and the branch needs to be removed. Tree branch removal can be dangerous when power lines are in the area. Contact Ayles for expert and safe removal of tree branches. Ayles can set up a site visit and let you know what the cost of removing tree branches will be.

Need tree trimming in the Lansing area? Ayles Tree Service can help. Ayles tree trimming service.