Stump Grinding

Ayles Stump Grinding

We Have the Equipment to Meet Your Needs

We have 2 stump grinders available. A large grinder to remove your large stumps and a portable grinder that allows us to go through a 3 foot gate opening.

SC852 Stump Cutter

Engineered for an ideal balance of power and agility, the slim SC852 stump cutter can glide through a standard 36” gate and still deliver 85 hp of stump-grinding power.

Portable Stumper cutter at workRayco Stumper 1672DXHx.jpGeneral Dimensions and Weights

Length – Tongue Extended
147″ (373.4 cm)

35″ (88.9 cm)

76.5″ (194.3 cm)

Weight – Engine Option One
4100 lbs (1859.7 kg)

Ayles Stump Grinding