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How To Protect Your Trees

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If you have any trees on your property you’ll want to do what you can to ensure their long-term health. Luckily, trees are very resilient, so you don’t have to do a ton of maintenance work to keep them in good shape. A good long-term tree health plan will help to prevent issues before they arise, and keep your trees healthy and flourishing for years to come.

Why You Need To Protect Your Trees

As far as landscape elements are concerned trees are by far the most resilient, and require the least amount of care. However, that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance and upkeep to ensure they remain protected.

Trees are especially vulnerable to heavy winds, infection and disease, damage to their root system, and much more. Below you’ll find our recommended strategies for dealing with the most common tree protection issues.

Common Tree Protection Methods

Keeping your trees healthy can actually end up saying you money in the long run. By implementing a few tree protection methods you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs and potential damage to your home and landscape.

1. Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing can be used for a few different reasons. The main reason this process is used is to prevent trees from growing in a way that causes them to break. By cabling and bracing certain branches you can force the tree to grow in a way, so that its structural integrity stays intact.

This will prevent tree toppling, broken branches, and prevent the tree from splitting or cracking during a rough storm.

2. Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning is another way to influence the direction and growth pattern of a tree. This can be done to influence its growth pattern, get rid of dead or infected branches, and cut down branches that might be close to damaging elements like power lines.

Trimming and pruning can help to mitigate potential problems before they become a nuisance.

3. Be Aware Of Root Structures

It’s important to know how wide of a root base your tree has. The roots of the tree not only keep the tree upright, but also are how the tree uptakes nutrients. By knowing how wide the root structures extend you’ll be able to avoid damage from a construction project, or anything else that might damage the roots and lead to the tree’s demise.

If you are going to begin a construction project it’s a good idea to mark off the root beds to avoid potential damage.

4. Mulch On A Regular Basis

Applying mulch to the base of your tree will help to keep your trees growing strong. Adding an inch or two of mulch on a consistent basis will help to keep the soil free from weeds and at a consistent level of moisture.

This will also give you a boundary that will prevent the trunks of trees from becoming damaged due to a cut from yard and lawn maintenance equipment.

If you’re interested in a regular tree maintenance plan, want to protect your trees, or are interested in having the trees on your property inspected, then give us a call at 517-484-8381.

Let Ayles Tree Service take care of your tree and landscape needs, so you can have a healthy and productive landscape for years to come.

How to Find a Reputable Tree Service Company in Michigan

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Never attempt to trim or remove trees close to power lines or structures, as this could result in serious or fatal injury and/or significant damage to your home or property.

It’s an industry that has received it’s share of complaints to the Better Business Bureau over the last five years. This doesn’t mean there aren’t tree service companies that run legitimate companies. What it does mean is the customer needs to be careful and do the homework to their choosing a legitimate tree service company.

There are precautions customers can take before hiring a tree service company to avoid companies that produce less than desirable results. Remember, just because a company says it is reputable and BBB Accredited, doesn’t mean it is.

There are are a number of steps customers can use to assure their search to find a reputable tree service company in Michigan is headed in the right direction.

Here are Some Pointers That Should Help You Find a Reputable Tree Service Company in Michigan:

  1.  Reputation – Check a company’s online reviews, the Better Business Bureau, trade associations and community reputation. In the Lansing area, the company with the Big Red Trucks (Ayles Tree Service, Inc.) has served the mid-Michigan area with reputable tree service for over 50 years.  If a company has been doing business that long, it must be doing something right. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for references.
  2. Insurance – Make sure any choices you might consider has liability insurance. Without proper insurance, the customer pays for repairs to their property and any injuries that occur as a result of the accident. Any reputable tree service company in Michigan and other states will accept payments for most insurance companies.
  3. Too Cheap – Very low prices are great, however, sometimes that is a red flag for no experience, do not have proper insurances and certifications or they don’t plan on completing the project. Remember, oftentimes if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Too Expensive – Do not overpay for the removal of an easily accessible tree in your yard. A fast-talking salesman shouldn’t convince you otherwise.
  5. Better Business Bureau – Generally speaking, those who are accredited are also a reputable tree service company, and can be trusted. A company’s BBB rating is available. Ayle’s Tree Service in Lansing and Potterville, Michigan is proud to enjoy an A+ rating from the BBB for many years now.
  6. Multiple Estimates – Get at least three different estimates. This will give you an idea of what would be a fair price. Talk to a representative in person, this will allow you to ask questions about the job at hand.
  7.  Estimate Equity – Make sure the estimates you are comparing are offering the same services. For example one service may quote the price for felling a tree while the other company’s quote may be for removing it in small sections. While price is important trust your instincts about a company’s trustworthiness.
  8. Use Caution After a Disaster   Door-to-door contractors in natural disaster situations may be necessary. Even in this situation make sure you’re being charged a reasonable rate. You should also ensure that the company has the necessary insurances and certifications.
  9. Avoid Door-to-Door Contractors With the exception of natural disasters (still use caution), door-to-door contractors are not advised. They often travel town to town, taking advantage of homeowners (especially seniors). Deciding to complete tree work on the spur of the moment is a bad idea – there are too many variables that should be considered first.
  10.  Pay When Satisfied – Never pay for a tree service project (removal or trimming) until you are completely satisfied with the work.  Following this advice almost certainly will help you avoid any sort of tree service scam.

Finally, after you’ve completed your homework, trust your instincts. If that still leaves a sour feeling in your stomach trust the best and most reputable tree service companyin your area. If you are in the mid-michigan area, you don’t have to look far to find a reputable tree service company in Michigan. Ayles Tree Service serves Charlotte, Grand Ledge, Lansing, Hastings, Eaton Rapids, Mason, Marshall, Olivet, Springfield, Sunfield, Okemos, Haslett, Holt, Dimondale, Fowler and all points in between with their Big Red Trucks. Call today for an estimate. 517-484-8318.