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Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor Day – Ayles Tree Service

Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor DaySpring is in the air, and with it comes two exciting holidays for us here at Ayles Tree Service: Earth Day and Arbor Day! These are days we hold dear because we believe everyday is Earth Day and we always encourage people to plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day.

Earth Day

This year, Earth Day falls on April 22. This holiday is a worldwide celebration of protecting our environment. It was started in 1970 and is currently run under the direction of the Earth Day Network.

We like Earth Day because the focus of the day inevitably turns to the role that trees have in sustaining the earth, and we have a huge commitment to trees! This is one day when our mission lines up well with what everyone else has on their minds. We know that having a tree service like Ayles taking good care of the trees in your yard or place of business not only increases your property value and beautifies your environment, but also sustains them, increases their life expectancy, and helps them to continue to do their part in taking care of our Mother Earth.

Here in the mid-Michigan, Lansing and Ingham County, residents often partner with Michigan State University or other local educational agencies to celebrate Earth Day.

Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor Day 

This year, Arbor Day falls on April 24. Around the United States citizens are encouraged plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. Arbor Day also encourages people to care for trees. It is celebrated in the US and a few other countries. Generally, Arbor Day is a spring holiday, although in some countries it may vary depending on the planting season.

The Arbor Day Foundation, a national-level nonprofit, is the principal agency in the US in regards to Arbor Day. It is a nonprofit committed to the principles of Arbor Day, and also runs the “Tree City, USA” program, which encourages cities and urban areas to take the care of trees very seriously by incorporating several policies aimed at the development of trees in the area.

Many people choose to plant a tree to celebrate Arbor Day. But why not choose to help the trees you already have to continue to grow and bolster their vibrant health? A good tree service like Ayles can help property owners choose and undertake the right maintenance for the trees in their care.

What an exciting season, and how convenient that these two holidays fall so close to one another. Remember, if either of these holidays has you thinking about the trees on your property, Ayles is here to help them be the best they can be. Give us a call today for an estimate on your job.