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How To Protect Your Trees

protect your trees watering new  tree

If you have any trees on your property you’ll want to do what you can to ensure their long-term health. Luckily, trees are very resilient, so you don’t have to do a ton of maintenance work to keep them in good shape. A good long-term tree health plan will help to prevent issues before they arise, and keep your trees healthy and flourishing for years to come.

Why You Need To Protect Your Trees

As far as landscape elements are concerned trees are by far the most resilient, and require the least amount of care. However, that doesn’t mean they require no maintenance and upkeep to ensure they remain protected.

Trees are especially vulnerable to heavy winds, infection and disease, damage to their root system, and much more. Below you’ll find our recommended strategies for dealing with the most common tree protection issues.

Common Tree Protection Methods

Keeping your trees healthy can actually end up saying you money in the long run. By implementing a few tree protection methods you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs and potential damage to your home and landscape.

1. Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing can be used for a few different reasons. The main reason this process is used is to prevent trees from growing in a way that causes them to break. By cabling and bracing certain branches you can force the tree to grow in a way, so that its structural integrity stays intact.

This will prevent tree toppling, broken branches, and prevent the tree from splitting or cracking during a rough storm.

2. Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning is another way to influence the direction and growth pattern of a tree. This can be done to influence its growth pattern, get rid of dead or infected branches, and cut down branches that might be close to damaging elements like power lines.

Trimming and pruning can help to mitigate potential problems before they become a nuisance.

3. Be Aware Of Root Structures

It’s important to know how wide of a root base your tree has. The roots of the tree not only keep the tree upright, but also are how the tree uptakes nutrients. By knowing how wide the root structures extend you’ll be able to avoid damage from a construction project, or anything else that might damage the roots and lead to the tree’s demise.

If you are going to begin a construction project it’s a good idea to mark off the root beds to avoid potential damage.

4. Mulch On A Regular Basis

Applying mulch to the base of your tree will help to keep your trees growing strong. Adding an inch or two of mulch on a consistent basis will help to keep the soil free from weeds and at a consistent level of moisture.

This will also give you a boundary that will prevent the trunks of trees from becoming damaged due to a cut from yard and lawn maintenance equipment.

If you’re interested in a regular tree maintenance plan, want to protect your trees, or are interested in having the trees on your property inspected, then give us a call at 517-484-8381.

Let Ayles Tree Service take care of your tree and landscape needs, so you can have a healthy and productive landscape for years to come.

Dead Tree Removal – How do you know when it’s time?

dead-tree-removal-grand-ledge-michiganWhen is a good time to remove a dead tree?

Some people call Ayles Tree Service for dead tree removal at the first sign of a dying tree. Other customers weight options and choose to hold off removing a tree. The most important consideration for dead tree removal is if a dead tree is in danger of shedding large branches or falling and harming a person or valuable property. If the tree is a hazard it is a good idea to contact us for removal. If you have a dying tree located in a secluded area and there is no concern of branches falling and injuring others or harming property, you can choose to hold off removing the dead tree for a time.

How do you know if a tree is dying and can not be saved?

If more than 25% of the branches are broken or damaged the tree probably can not be saved. If branches are all on one side of a tree this is a sign of root or trunk damage. Leaning or lopsided trees can cause instability and falling hazards and should be looked at by a professional or the tree should be removed for safety. Another sign to pay attention are large clusters of fungi around the base of the tree. Masses of mushrooms that you have not seen around the tree previously  are often a symptom of internal rot and root damage.

What are the benefits of not removing a dead tree?

Even dying trees continue to provide value for a time. Besides the fact that trees offer a natural habitat for animals and birds, trees enhance the environment in other ways. Trees assist in keeping water and air clean, they help in retaining soil and providing shade. Besides the increased property value, some homeowners love their trees for the sentimental reasons. The beauty of the tree and the memories of  the tree when they purchased the property or when they planted the tree can make dead tree removal a difficult decision.


What are the benefits of removing a dead tree?

Some of the challenges of dead or dying trees that homeowners and commercial property owners encounter is constant clean up around the dying tree. Depending on the species, dying trees often shed their bark and limbs. Besides the danger of the falling debris there is also the expense of upkeep from the shedding that steadily increases as the life of the tree decreases. Ayle’s can come in and remove large limbs and clean up the area as needed however depending on the frequency, the cost to property owners can add up quickly.

Other benefits to dead tree removal is to help other trees in the environment. If a tree has a disease, removal of the tree can help protect other trees from getting infected. Also, a dead tree may be a cause of too close of planting and removing the dead tree can help a healthier tree continue to flourish.

We know  you plant trees to enjoy them for years to come and it can be difficult to when the time come for removal. Ayle’s professionals are here to help you when you are ready. Our professional crews plan removal for the least amount of interruption to you, your neighbors, traffic and utilities. Crews will chip all small branches, cut, then remove large logs,  rake and clean up the entire area before they leave.

If you need dead tree removal please give Ayle’s a call today we can provide an estimate and set a time for removal that works in your schedule.

Who are the Tree Service Crews that Perform Power Line Clearing Services in Mid-Michigan?

trees spray painted for line clearing by Consumers EnergyMany mid-Michigan residents have seen tree service crews in their area busily performing line-clearing work all year. After the harsh Michigan winter storms many municipalities and rural homeowners have seen crews coming in to trim fallen limbs and remove entire trees. In Ayles service area, Board of Water and Light and Consumers Energy are the two main utility companies that provide gas and electric services to property owners in and around Ionia, Clinton, Barry, Calhoun, Eaton, Ingham, Jackson, Livingston and Shiawassee Counties where Ayles’s services. Board of Water and light services buildings and homes in Lansing. Consumers Energy serves nearly 1.8 million customers in 61 of the 68 counties in Michigan.

Regular Line Clearing

All utilities are required by the state of Michigan to provide regular line clearing work. Because trees are involved in 1/3 of every power outage in Michigan, Consumers Energy provides line clearing on a regular, rotating line clearing schedule. Line clearing is necessary to maintain safe and reliable service to every utility customer. Consumers Energy determines what trees require attention and the property owner is alerted.

Each property owner who has trees that are effected by the line clearing work will be notified. Trees that are deemed a problem will be marked with spray paint so that when tree service crews arrive crew will know whether the tree needs pruning, removal or herbicide applied. This is the best way property owners can know which of their trees are effected by the line clearing services. Property owners can also call the phone number on the notice to get a clearer understanding of what is planned for their property. There are minimum clearance guidelines associated but voltage and electric line type that determines how far away a branch or tree need to be to achieve the line clearing needed. Consumers Energy has posted clearance necessary to reduce tree-related outages here.

Can anyone provide tree services including line clearing services?

The utility companies do not always have enough staff or equipment to keep up on line clearing each year and often contract with local professional tree services in the mid-Michigan area. Ayle’s tree service works closely with many municipalities, utility companies, and private homeowners to keep power lines, people and properties safe. Ayle’s professional tree service crews implement the line clearing service guidelines of the Tree Care Industry Association, the guidelines followed by Consumers Energy and most other line clearing crews.

Line clearing of debris, branches, dead or shallow rooted trees without a tree service professional can be very dangerous. Although in Lansing, Michigan and most mid-Michigan cities, counties and townships there are no permit requirements or special regulations regarding tree removal on private property it is critical to implement responsible safety practices.*

  • Always remember electric lines are not insulated and should never be touched.
  • Keep ladders off of power lines
  • stay clear of power line if you remove any branches or trees

The utility service covers the cost of line clearing services that they determine is important to maintain the safe delivery of electrical service to their customers. Some commercial business owners, local municipalities and home owners prefer to hire a trusted local company they have already used for all their tree and line clearing service needs. However a property owner is solely responsible for paying for tree removal services that the property owner contracts on their own. Some of the benefits of hiring a tree service of your choice for line clearing is that you can specify if you want the line clearing service to include:

  • stump removal
  • brush removal
  • debris removal
  • chipping of all wood

Most utilities, including Consumer’s Energy do not remove stumps, cut wood, wood chips or other debris remaining on the property when the line clearing is complete. In some cities there are debris ordinances that carry fines up to $500 for the homeowner if the area is not cleaned up in a timely fashion.

When you need line clearing or a professional tree service for other tree related maintenance contact Ayle’s Tree Service. We are licensed and insured and provide tree pruning, brush clearing, tree removal and stump grinding.

*Ash trees infected with the emerald ash borer disease should be removed and disposed of at specific disposal sites.